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Account Information

I’m working on the new registration process as well as account/profile information. I want to require as little information as possible to increase the chances that visitors will register. I always like quick and easy registration. Some extra information is nice for customizing the user experience but ultimately the idea is to attract people to join then allow them to add more information later to improve their experience. I’ve decided to only require a username, email address and a password. Other information that can be added later include gender, location (country, zip code), and other … Continue Reading

Thintopia Version 2

Thintopia ver2.0 is currently in the works. It will look better, work better and include more features. I plan to add user profiles, friends, groups, and an advanced fitness tracker. The competitions will also be easier to manage and use. I will post here on my progress. At some point I will even post a link for those interested in using the new site before anyone else.