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3 new weight loss competitions

Thintopia.com is growing steadily without me doing a single thing. People keep telling friends and family and creating new competitions. I’m getting more and more motivated to get the new version of the site done. Yesterday I was up until 2am getting the new user home page going. The next step is to get the competition home page up, then the competition list, competition create, then profiles, friends, user comments, groups. The list goes on and on.

Tonight I added an about page and I’m targeting it more about weight loss … Continue Reading

User Photos and More

I was working on the ability to upload photos which I finished but I was having trouble resizing the images to 3 different sizes. I want to be able to have a thumbnail, small and large version. Once this is done I will be able to use the code to allow for competition images and group images. It has been a few weeks since I’ve had time and been motivated to work on this again. It seems that whenever I don’t have time I’m motivated but when I have time I’m not motivated. I need … Continue Reading