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The new thintopia website

Last week thintopia.com had a face lift.  Underneath there were also major changes.  I started from scratch during the holidays and built a new site that will be much more user friendly and will more easily grow as new features are added. Some the highlights for the new site include…

I have a long list of improvements yet to be implemented and another long list … Continue Reading

Welcome new comers

The past 2 weeks have brought several new users to thintopia. Welcome all you new users. I hope the site is useful and easy to use and if not just let me know and I will do what I can. I am working on some major updates that will improve the site and add new features. Soon the updated site will be ready for public use. The new site will have all the features of the current site and it will be easier to use. You will be able to edit/delete competitions. Have profile … Continue Reading

CakePHP Authentication

I have been racking my brain for the past couple days trying to get CakePHP to do exactly what I want for user registration and login until I finally found a great post http://www.jbcrawford.net/archives/45. Big thank you to JB Crawford for posting that. Now I can move forward with the new Thintopia site. It will be well worth the struggle. Along the way I became very familiar with all the ins and outs with this framework. Things should start rolling right along. Too bad I am about a week behind my hoped schedule. I wanted … Continue Reading