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How to avoid eating donuts at work

donutThis has always been a weakness of mine.  Whenever a coworker brings donuts or einstein bagels I have a hard time saying no.  Who can say no to free food?  I might have the will power to say no the first time I see them in the break room. But, later in the morning, when I’m filling my water bottle and fully expecting the donuts are all gone so my force field is down. It is a mixed emotion of joy and sorrow when there are still a half dozen or … Continue Reading

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow I am starting a new weight loss competition.  I have reached my all time highest weight and a breaking point.  Being overweight is not enjoyable.  No matter how much I enjoy food and being lazy it really isn’t worth the loss of health.  I’m not looking to become a fitness model or body builder.  My goal is to create healthy habits.  I have been analyzing my current bad habits for the past two weeks; the following are some of the ways I plan to replace some bad … Continue Reading