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Don’t Read Magazines

Please! It will only make you feel inadequate and unfulfilled.  Plus, why would you pay for lies and advertisements?  You can get both for free!

Pay close attention to her back, arms and wrinkles.  Now, I think she looks great without the touch ups.  The photoshopping does make her look quite a bit younger.  The point I want to make is that sometimes when we hold images like this up as ideals we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Even if we are super rich and can afford personal trainers and chefs and cosmetic surgery it is still no match for … Continue Reading

My Lifestyle Change

I’ve been most successful at weight loss when I’ve experienced changes in lifestyle. Times when my physical activity level is much higher without forcing myself to exercise.  I need to become a more active person.  Don’t just choose to run more but join a running club.  Join a sports team.

There have been moments of frustration where I’ve told myself that I need to join the military so that someone else will set my priorities for me and force … Continue Reading


In honor of the World Cup, let’s talk about goals!

Tips for Setting Goals

  1. Set measurable goals.
  2. Write your goals down on paper.
  3. Set goals you believe you can achieve.
  4. Set goals that stretch you.
  5. Remind yourself every day of your goal.

Healthy Road Trip Ideas

It can be difficult to be healthy on the road. On our own road trip we discuss some ideas we came up with. The most important thing is to plan ahead and make sure to incorporate some outdoor activities into your trip and pack healthy meals rather than depend on fast food. The next big idea is to stop worrying about food and just have fun!

THINR – Stop Emotional Eating

Replace eating with something more productive. Avoid the guilt and increased stress of overeating.

Lonely? Call a friend. Skype.
Bored? Read a good book. Start a new project. Write in journal.
Stressed? Go for a walk. Meditate. Work out.

Drink more water, chew gum, get creative. We’re all different so do the things that you want. It is a good idea to not only set fitness goals but mental, spiritual, relationship goals and when you feel like eating and you’re not hungry then work on one of your … Continue Reading

Become Aware of Eating Habits


Stop and Think before you eat.  Are you actually Hungry?  Listen to your body.  It will tell you when it NEEDS food.  Your bad habits will tell you when you want food.  Listen to your body.  I suggest starting any diet program with a 24 hour fast where you spend the day listening to your body and practicing some restraint.  Will the food you are considering eating Improve your health? Does it have high nutrient density and … Continue Reading

The Body Fat Solution

I’m not done reading this book but I’m very excited to share my thoughts on it. The first few chapters address the myths about fat loss and how to set the stage for starting a successful program. There will be several videos coming where I will share some specific information that has helped me. The book is getting me excited about setting some tough goals and making real lifestyle changes that I will keep for the rest of my life.

The … Continue Reading