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Disadvantages of Weight Loss Challenges

1. They Encourage unhealthy weight loss
When the competition is on we can throw caution to the wind.  Diet pills, dehydration, super low calorie diets, you name it and people will try it when a competition is on the line.  It is very important to set rules for your competition to discourage unhealthy tactics.  Losing weight is great but it isn’t worth it if your overall health suffers.
2. The Yo-yo effect
My Weight Graph
Sure you can lose weight fast but, if you’re like me, you can gain it even faster.  Take a … Continue Reading

Benefits of a Weight Loss Challenge

Picture of Weigh In1. Motivation
Most weight loss challenges have an incentive.  The Biggest Loser USA forks out $250,000 to their winner.  That would surely motivate me to get in the best shape of my life.  On thintopia.com challenges typically have an entry fee ranging from $10 to $100.  Jackpots are typically a few hundred dollars.  Not huge but enough to motivate a few competitive souls.  Most of the motivation comes from the spirit of competition.  Everyone wants to win!  Bragging rights can be all the motivation some people need to … Continue Reading

September Challenge

September is already 1/4 over but that won’t stop me.  My 90-challenge is going okay. I’m doing much better on my diet but I’m having troubling getting the exercise going.  In order to achieve my 90-day goals I want to set 30-day goals.   I will set one diet goal and one exercise goal each month.
No Sugar
This means no sweets or refined sugar.  Honey and fruit are okay.  My goal here is to build up will power to avoid things like the donuts that are sitting in the breakroom right now and eating a carton of ice cream in two days.  … Continue Reading