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Week 5 – A Balanced Life

Welcome to week 5 of the Thintopia Healthy Living Challenge!  Last week the challenge was to have fun during exercise.  I had a little dance party in my living room and worked up a really good sweat.  Some contestants played basketball and jump rope to music while enjoying new workout equipment.

From the book “48 Days To The Work You Love”, the 7 areas of life we need to have success in are.

  1. Financial
  2. Physical
  3. Social
  4. Family
  5. Personal Development
  6. Spiritual
  7. Career

The challenge this week is to work on a goal in something other than weight loss.  The idea is to find balance.  I suggest creating a morning … Continue Reading

Fitness For Couples

I had the privilege of interviewing Tony DiLorenzo of FitMarriage.com. He and his co-founder, Dustin, have built a blog for helping couples get in shape and support each other. Their philosophy is that fitness doesn’t have to take away precious time with your loved one. You can find ways to workout at home and encourage one another along the way.

Watch the interview and get inspired about how you can improve your fitness and perhaps strengthen your marriage. Ever since I lost 30 lbs, my wife has … Continue Reading

Healthy Living Challenge Week 4

This week’s challenge is to have fun while you exercise. Make fitness a positive experience.

  1. Play a sport you enjoy
  2. Make your run/workout fun by competing or making a game of it.
  3. Try something new!
  4. Smile and Laugh

Make a video of yourself having fun and send it to me and I will feature it in next week’s video.

How a 450 lb Man Lost 250 lbs in One Year

Gregg McBrideLast week I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregg McBride.  Several years ago Gregg weighed over 450 lbs.  He had tried every diet on the market.  Finally, he found the best way to lose weight.  He learned to eat less and move more.  Years later, he now weighs 175 lbs and is the author of the book Just Stop Eating So Much.  It is his powerful guide to really losing weight without fad diets.

The interview is divided into two sections and is roughly thirty four minutes in length … Continue Reading

Impact of Self Monitoring

“Self-monitoring is the centerpiece of behavioral weight loss intervention programs” – Journal of the American Dietetic Association

My wife is a registered dietitian and receives the Journal of the American Dietetic Association each month. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to these journals when they come. I have a background in Statistics so every once in a while I open it up to see what interesting research has been done and see what kind of analysis they did. The January 2011 edition, however, had a cover that caught my eye. The featured article was titled Self Monitoring in Weight … Continue Reading

Put Weight Loss On Autopilot

Remember the last time you mowed through a bag of cookies or cleaned out an ice cream carton in one sitting?  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad.  As I have been recording my food intake I have found that I eat much more than my conscious mind wants.  Dr. John Bargh of Yale University suggest that up to 95 percent of our behavior is unconsciously chosen.  Our brains are amazing machines and are great at creating autopilot behavior to save us from consciously thinking about everything we do.

Who Is In Control?

For example, … Continue Reading

The Self Inception Challenge

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Self InceptionThoughts are like seeds. If we give them a place in our mind and feed them they turn into beliefs, beliefs that are secured like a fortress with armed security. Is it possible to uproot those beliefs and plant new beliefs? Sure! Hire Leonardo Di Caprio to go 3 levels into your dreams and give you a new belief! Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a diet pill that not only suppressed your appetite but also changed the way you look … Continue Reading

Site Redesigned

I got three hours of sleep last night and the website is now synced with the blog. They now look the same. I changed the color scheme and some layout. I hope no one gets too confused but I think the changes are an improvement.

My Vision For Thintopia

I want to connect with the users. Most of you probably found the site because you were invited by a friend or coworker to join a weight loss challenge. For four years the site has served thousands of … Continue Reading

Goal Setting With Shauna Stacy

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Shauna Stacy about successful goal setting. She had some great advice and words of wisdom. She reached her fitness goals by taking small steps and learning to keep commitments to herself.


Key Points:
1. Goals need to be broken down in to small measurable tasks
2. Failure is in the past and there is nothing you can do to fix the past only the present.
3. For lasting results you need to change and real change takes time. Sometimes years.

Get in touch with her … Continue Reading

2011 Be Healthy Challenge Launch

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Happy New Year! Today is the day. Join the Thintopia Giveaway #1 competition to track your weight loss with the rest of the participants.

Week 1 Challenge

Keep a food journal. Record everything you eat this week. You can record in a notebook, with your cell phone camera or video. There is no requirement to share your journal but I would love to see your journal and your thoughts on how keeping a journal helps you this week. You can even enter … Continue Reading