About Thintopia

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Thintopia’s Goal is to Help You Find the Best Way to Lose Weight

For centuries men and women had very little problems keeping weight off.  They didn’t have thigh masters, ab rollers, HCG or lap band procedures.  We will take a look at the latest fitness trends and give you the information you need to figure what really works

Everyone is different and there is no silver bullet for reaching your weight loss goals. It requires a combination of getting the right motivation, a good diet you can maintain and exercise that you will actually do. My goal is to help you find the motivation, diet and exercise program that will work best for you.

About Micah

Micah Stubblefield is a Software Engineer who is passionate about getting fit and helping others along the way.  He has struggled with being overweight for a good portion of his life and he doesn’t want it to get the best of him.  His goal is to provide valuable information, tips and reviews on the latest diet and fitness trends.

Weight Loss Challenges

In 2006 Micah created Thintopia.com after his family was motived by the success of contestants on the TV show The Biggest Loser.  Thintopia.com started as a site to facilitate weight loss competitions.  Over the years it slowly grew by word of mouth as Micah lost a lot of weight and then gained it back.  Sound familiar?  That is all going to change.  Follow him on his journey to become an expert on weight loss, diet and exercise.

3/3/2010 ~250 lbs

5/15/2010 229 lbs