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Calorie Counter by FatSecret Android App Review

One major rule of weight loss is calories in needs to be less than calories out. I have attempted many times to count calories and keep diet journals. It isn’t an easy task. I am a fan of anything that might make that task easier. I decided this week to try out one of the many smartphone apps for tracking calories.

The app I chose to try is the Calorie Counter by FatSecret. The app has you create an account and enter your stats (gender, … Continue Reading

Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly

I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Larry McCleary about his book, Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. My main take away was that weight loss requires a strong and healthy mind so it is important to make sure your brain (as well as the rest of your body) is getting the proper nutrition it needs and you will be that much more likely to succeed in weight loss.

I also learned that our brains are mostly fat cells … Continue Reading

Ways to Kick Start a Weight Loss Routine and Stick with It

In order to lose weight, you must develop a balanced routine of both diet and exercise. All too
often, people desiring to lose weight think that just working out will make the pounds fly off.
This just doesn’t work. You may lose a few pounds with added exercise, but to really jump start
your weight loss, you must also watch what you eat.

Let’s face it, no matter how you put it, “diet” is a four letter word no one wants to hear. One
mention of the term and everyone around you cringes. Just the sound of this dirty, one-syllable
word screams hunger pangs and moody … Continue Reading

Learning To Eat All Over Again

Marci Anderson is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant in Cambridge Massachusetts. She had a lot of expert advice to share. You don’t want to miss this interview. My recording of Marci’s audio was having issues. I tried cleaning it up in post processing but it still isn’t great. I’m still learning. I’m not giving up. Here is a brief summary of what to expect from the interview.

  • You can eat anything … in moderation
  • Learn techniques to overcome food addiction
  • Food journal key to … Continue Reading

Impact of Self Monitoring

“Self-monitoring is the centerpiece of behavioral weight loss intervention programs” – Journal of the American Dietetic Association

My wife is a registered dietitian and receives the Journal of the American Dietetic Association each month. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to these journals when they come. I have a background in Statistics so every once in a while I open it up to see what interesting research has been done and see what kind of analysis they did. The January 2011 edition, however, had a cover that caught my eye. The featured article was titled Self Monitoring in Weight … Continue Reading

Put Weight Loss On Autopilot

Remember the last time you mowed through a bag of cookies or cleaned out an ice cream carton in one sitting?  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad.  As I have been recording my food intake I have found that I eat much more than my conscious mind wants.  Dr. John Bargh of Yale University suggest that up to 95 percent of our behavior is unconsciously chosen.  Our brains are amazing machines and are great at creating autopilot behavior to save us from consciously thinking about everything we do.

Who Is In Control?

For example, … Continue Reading

Eat With Me – Low GI?

Low GI FoodsAfter sharing my diet and my general strategy, someone suggested I look into the GI diet. I had not heard of this diet before.

Glycemic Index

GI stands for Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index shows the effect of different foods on your blood sugar. If you are a diabetic you are probably very familiar with this topic. The GI diet has you avoid foods that raise your blood sugar which will help you burn more fat rather than store it and, in the process, … Continue Reading

Lost 5 lbs By Cutting Carbs

Things that don’t have carbs.
1. Meat
2. Eggs
3. Cheese
4. Greens (Lettuce, Spinach, Celery)

Sounds to me like a delicious salad. My goal was to focus mostly on vegetables and water and add in eggs, cheese and meat for flavor. The results are a fairly sustainable diet. Then the carbs I do eat on a typical day come from fruit rather than grains. I will report again next week to let you know if this diet continues to work. Wish me luck avoiding … Continue Reading

September Challenge

September is already 1/4 over but that won’t stop me.  My 90-challenge is going okay. I’m doing much better on my diet but I’m having troubling getting the exercise going.  In order to achieve my 90-day goals I want to set 30-day goals.   I will set one diet goal and one exercise goal each month.
No Sugar
This means no sweets or refined sugar.  Honey and fruit are okay.  My goal here is to build up will power to avoid things like the donuts that are sitting in the breakroom right now and eating a carton of ice cream in two days.  … Continue Reading

Healthy Road Trip Ideas

It can be difficult to be healthy on the road. On our own road trip we discuss some ideas we came up with. The most important thing is to plan ahead and make sure to incorporate some outdoor activities into your trip and pack healthy meals rather than depend on fast food. The next big idea is to stop worrying about food and just have fun!