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Site Redesigned

I got three hours of sleep last night and the website is now synced with the blog. They now look the same. I changed the color scheme and some layout. I hope no one gets too confused but I think the changes are an improvement.

My Vision For Thintopia

I want to connect with the users. Most of you probably found the site because you were invited by a friend or coworker to join a weight loss challenge. For four years the site has served thousands of … Continue Reading

Weight Loss Groups

Thintopia has added the ability to create and join weight loss groups.  Groups are similar to competitions but they do not have a start or end date and they don’t have strict weighins.  Competitions are good to jump start your weight loss but Groups will be essential to help you maintain a healthy diet and fitness plan. Create a group with your friends and family and use Thintopia to keep each other accountable.

If you know someone is counting on you to report your progress you will be more likely to keep to your weight loss goals.  Like thintopia competitions, your … Continue Reading

The new thintopia website

Last week thintopia.com had a face lift.  Underneath there were also major changes.  I started from scratch during the holidays and built a new site that will be much more user friendly and will more easily grow as new features are added. Some the highlights for the new site include…

I have a long list of improvements yet to be implemented and another long list … Continue Reading