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Day 2 and Needing Sleep

My Notes from Today

Wake Up: 5:40am
Felt: Tired and Indecisive
Starting Weight: 233.2 lbs (-1.8)
Calorie Intake: 1370
Read: Yes
Exercise: Not Yet!
No Sugar: Yes

Day 2 was a little bit of a struggle. I felt really good about seeing a loss already. I had several moments of weakness. For example, one of the kids had left an open pouch of skittles on the kitchen counter. Without even taking a second thought I grabbed a skittle and begin to put it in my mouth. Just as it hit my tongue and I got a quick zing of sweetness I remembered I’m not eating sugar! … Continue Reading

Day 1 of Transformation

food journal

This is where I am keeping track of everything on a daily basis. I am also calculating and tracking calories on a smart phone app.

You know the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” That is ringing true to me today.
My Notes from Today

  • Wake Up: 5:41am
  • Felt: Optimistic and a little overwhelmed
  • Starting Weight: 235 lbs
  • Calorie Intake: 1330
  • Read: Yes
  • Exercise: Yes
  • No Sugar: Yes

Day 1 was a success! I feel really good. I’m happy with what I accomplished today. I was also more productive at work … Continue Reading

The Power of 90 Days

How long does it take to change? In some cases, I think you can change in an instant. Some addicts have been able to kick habits cold turkey. I really do feel like it is possible to change any time you decide to. That is a pretty intense concept, but, the truth is this is very rare. Humans are creatures of habit.

I learned once that our brains are designed to be programmed to operate on auto-pilot whenever possible. Habits are essential our brain on autopilot so we can focus on other things or conserve energy. … Continue Reading

A Goal is Met

My goal to run 3 miles in 27 minutes is done! Now all I need to do is finish the book I’m reading and lose 8 more lbs in 9 days! Impossible? Never!

Week 1

One week down and a lifetime to go. It was a slower start than I hoped for but I’m not going to dwell on my shortcomings. The fact of the matter is I made changes to my eating habits and exercised more than I have been doing and the results show it. I can’t expect to eat perfect and run a 5K every day. Baby steps.

Last week I started the journey weighing 234.8 lbs. Today I weigh 230 lbs!

This week I need to lose 5 lbs to make my goal. If I had to, I could do … Continue Reading

Breaking Point

I should have hit this point 10-15 lbs ago. Better late than never. After successfully dropping 30 lbs in 2010 I maintained the loss and even lost another 5lbs during 2011. I was as low as 212.6 in 2011.  I thought I had my weight under control and that I would never let it get out of hand again. I really did maintain for 11 months! Well, then I guess I got a little too confident.

In November my wife gave birth to … Continue Reading

Goal Acheived: 2 Miles in Under 16 minutes

I posted a goal page last year listing some fitness goal.  One goal was to run 2 miles in under 16 minutes.  Yesterday I acheived that goal!

One thing that has helped me to reach my goal yesterday was to set smaller goal to lead up to this goal. My first goal was to run a mile in under 9 minutes which ended up being fairly easy. After that I was shooting for a sub 8 minute mile and with a few months of running I was able to do … Continue Reading

Healthy Living Challenge Week 4

This week’s challenge is to have fun while you exercise. Make fitness a positive experience.

  1. Play a sport you enjoy
  2. Make your run/workout fun by competing or making a game of it.
  3. Try something new!
  4. Smile and Laugh

Make a video of yourself having fun and send it to me and I will feature it in next week’s video.

Thintopia Healthy Living Challenge

What is It?
This isn’t a weight loss competition.  Some winners may even gain weight.  This is more of a community building event where you can get motivated and educated to reach your personal health and fitness goals.  Each Saturday I will post an update on my personal progress along with some information that I have learned along the way.  I will also share a challenge or two for the week.  All challenges are optional but encouraged.  The challenge will last 12 weeks and extra credit will be given to those who participate … Continue Reading

Eat With Me – Low GI?

Low GI FoodsAfter sharing my diet and my general strategy, someone suggested I look into the GI diet. I had not heard of this diet before.

Glycemic Index

GI stands for Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index shows the effect of different foods on your blood sugar. If you are a diabetic you are probably very familiar with this topic. The GI diet has you avoid foods that raise your blood sugar which will help you burn more fat rather than store it and, in the process, … Continue Reading