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What To Expect at Biggest Loser Open Casting Call

The Biggest LoserNBC’s The Biggest Loser held an open casting call near my home this weekend.  I decided to check it out and spread the word about thintopia to the Biggest Loser hopefuls.  It was a fun atmosphere and I met some cool people including Filipe Fa and Sione Fa from season 7. Filipe shared what to expect in the interview as well as some tips on how to impress the producers. There were probably 500-600 people in line.

Enjoy the video. If you were there and … Continue Reading

Week 5 – A Balanced Life

Welcome to week 5 of the Thintopia Healthy Living Challenge!  Last week the challenge was to have fun during exercise.  I had a little dance party in my living room and worked up a really good sweat.  Some contestants played basketball and jump rope to music while enjoying new workout equipment.

From the book “48 Days To The Work You Love”, the 7 areas of life we need to have success in are.

  1. Financial
  2. Physical
  3. Social
  4. Family
  5. Personal Development
  6. Spiritual
  7. Career

The challenge this week is to work on a goal in something other than weight loss.  The idea is to find balance.  I suggest creating a morning … Continue Reading

Healthy Living Challenge Week 4

This week’s challenge is to have fun while you exercise. Make fitness a positive experience.

  1. Play a sport you enjoy
  2. Make your run/workout fun by competing or making a game of it.
  3. Try something new!
  4. Smile and Laugh

Make a video of yourself having fun and send it to me and I will feature it in next week’s video.

The Self Inception Challenge

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Self InceptionThoughts are like seeds. If we give them a place in our mind and feed them they turn into beliefs, beliefs that are secured like a fortress with armed security. Is it possible to uproot those beliefs and plant new beliefs? Sure! Hire Leonardo Di Caprio to go 3 levels into your dreams and give you a new belief! Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a diet pill that not only suppressed your appetite but also changed the way you look … Continue Reading

2011 Be Healthy Challenge Launch

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Happy New Year! Today is the day. Join the Thintopia Giveaway #1 competition to track your weight loss with the rest of the participants.

Week 1 Challenge

Keep a food journal. Record everything you eat this week. You can record in a notebook, with your cell phone camera or video. There is no requirement to share your journal but I would love to see your journal and your thoughts on how keeping a journal helps you this week. You can even enter … Continue Reading

Thintopia Healthy Living Challenge

What is It?
This isn’t a weight loss competition.  Some winners may even gain weight.  This is more of a community building event where you can get motivated and educated to reach your personal health and fitness goals.  Each Saturday I will post an update on my personal progress along with some information that I have learned along the way.  I will also share a challenge or two for the week.  All challenges are optional but encouraged.  The challenge will last 12 weeks and extra credit will be given to those who participate … Continue Reading

Healthy Living Challenge

What: Community Event to promote Healthy Living
When: Jan 1, 2011 until Mar 26, 2011
How to enter.
1. Leave comments on this blog (1 entry each)
2. Join Thintopia Giveaway #1 (10 entries).
3. Weighin each week on contest (3 entries each)
4. Subscribe to YouTube Channel (10 entries)
5. Leave video replies to YouTube videos (5 entries each)
6. Leave comments on YouTube videos (1 entry each)
7. Like us on Facebook(5 entries)

Competition Update Week 6

Hope you had a healthy Thanksgiving.

10 Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Lady Weighing Herself for Weight Loss ChallengePlan and Prepare – This is very important.  If you want to start a challenge start asking around to see who you know is interested and figure out what people are willing to commit to.  Be sure to be positive and let them know it is more of a support group than a serious competition.  Everyone ends up losing weight so there are no losers.
  2. Put money on the line – We almost always require an entry fee for our competitions.  Entry fees mean you are … Continue Reading

Champions League Challenge

Approximately 4 years has passed since the first weight loss competition I participated in.  I won that first competition and dropped about 30 lbs.

Since then I have had some success losing weight through weight loss challenges with family but have not overcome my tendency to put on weight.  With one exception.  Before this last competition I had risen to my previous all time high weight and was determined to lose it.  I read up and learned about how to lose fat and keep it off and my one goal was … Continue Reading