Calorie Counter by FatSecret Android App Review

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One major rule of weight loss is calories in needs to be less than calories out. I have attempted many times to count calories and keep diet journals. It isn’t an easy task. I am a fan of anything that might make that task easier. I decided this week to try out one of the many smartphone apps for tracking calories.

The app I chose to try is the Calorie Counter by FatSecret. The app has you create an account and enter your stats (gender, age, weight, activity level, goal). It uses the stats to determine your RDI or recommended daily intake.

My goal is to lose 52 lbs and the app recommends I eat less than 2800 calories per day to do that. That number seems very high to me. I have been able to keep it under 1800 fairly easily.

Once you have your account setup you can easily add food in a number of ways.

  1. Search – you can quickly search the database of foods to find to add to your journal. I tend to use this feature for produce or anything that doesn’t have a label.
  2. Barcode Scan – if your food has a label you can scan the bar code with your phone’s camera and it will automatically import all the nutritional information into your journal.
  3. Quick Find – which is basically a categorized listing. I haven’t bothered to use this as I think Search has been good, so far.
  4. Recent Food – If you’re eating the same breakfast two days in a row this makes it easy to add the same foods to your journal.
  5. Frequent Foods – I eat the same 5-6 snacks so this feature makes it easy to find those snacks and add them quickly.
  6. Saved Meals – I haven’t used this feature yet but one of the troubles with tracking calories is when you cook family meals. You have to get out your calculator and start adding up all the ingredients and calculating the serving size. This feature makes it so you can save those meals to use again in the future.

No tool is worth anything if you don’t use it. Time will tell if I can keep this habit of calorie counting up. The app also tracks your weight and adjust your RDI. As you add your food each day a box representing your RDI fills up and the app shows what percentage of your RDI you have reached. You can also enter exercise to increase your RDI.

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