Rhadi Ferguson – MMA Fighter Knows How to Drop Weight Fast

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Rhadi was great to interview. I learned many great techniques for losing and mostly maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Set a goal weight range and weigh yourself daily even after reaching goal so you know when you start slipping.
  2. Chart, Monitor, Log, Report (daily!)
  3. Find a partner and don’t do it alone.
  4. Eat simple foods and eat the same foods when you really want results.
  5. Don’t bring domino foods into the house.

I really like the idea of keeping it simple.  The simple meals should contain a healthy/lean protein and vegetables.  And snack on nuts and seeds.  Drink lots of water.

Once you reach goal you can ease up on the diet and enjoy life but continue to chart and monitor so you know when you need to get cut back for a couple weeks.  There is a lot more to learn from this interview so you’ll just have to watch it.

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