Breaking Point

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I should have hit this point 10-15 lbs ago. Better late than never. After successfully dropping 30 lbs in 2010 I maintained the loss and even lost another 5lbs during 2011. I was as low as 212.6 in 2011.  I thought I had my weight under control and that I would never let it get out of hand again. I really did maintain for 11 months! Well, then I guess I got a little too confident.

In November my wife gave birth to our 4th child. With the combination of no sleep and holidays I packed on 10 lbs. In January I made a feeble attempt to get back down then again in February. March is Birthday month so I punished myself as we celebrate Birthday weeks instead of birthdays. By April I was so far off the wagon that I didn’t really even try.

I tell myself that at some future point I will hit a breaking point and THEN I will decide to get back on the wagon. Let’s be honest, I have been enjoying the lack of discipline. At least that is what I tell myself. Every time I over eat I am in pain. I feel uncomfortable, my clothes are getting tight, I don’t have much energy and I really just don’t feel very good about myself. For the past several months I’ve been waiting for the breaking point to happen but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had a few false alarms followed by a 3 day diet and 1 or 2 jogs but nothing has lasted more than a week.

I am fully aware of my potential to gain weight. My highest wait is 252 lbs. Today I weigh 234 and show no signs of stopping!! Reality check time!!! Time to slam on the breaks. Time to be honest with myself. Time to create my own breaking point.

Right now 234 is my breaking point. I will not rest until I am below 230 which will become my new breaking point until I get below 225 and so and and so forth.

I just read a success story from NerdFitness. Some of you might remember I interviewed the owner of NerdFitness last year. The success story, along with Shaycarl’s weight loss success have been a huge wake up call to me that life keeps moving so you’re either progressing or losing valuable time. Life is too short to put it off until tomorrow.

First step to success is to have a good goal. Specific and measurable. Let’s see today is May 14th. I will commit to reaching 225 lbs by June 1st. That is a serious goal and very short term. I may be setting myself up for failure but even if I fail as long as I work hard for the next two weeks I will be satisfied with whatever the result is. Let’s be real though. I KNOW I can do it.

Cut out starchy carbs. My weaknesses at the moment are breakfast cereal, homemade wheat bread, other packaged snacks we have on hand for the kids. My plan is to move toward more of a Paleo diet. I will commit to running twice per week and walking 5 times per week. I will also commit to doing a body weight exercise 3 times per week.

I will report my results every week until I reach 199 lbs. I am also considering vlogging the journey on my youtube channel. Please hold me accountable. If you would like to join me I would love to support you as well as receive your support. Leave a comment and i will expect to see your comments every week. Otherwise, I may have to hunt you down.

Let’s hear it. If there is anyone still following this blog have your reached a breaking point? Are you ready to create one? Evaluate all the reasons why you want to change.

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