Day 2 and Needing Sleep

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My Notes from Today

Wake Up: 5:40am
Felt: Tired and Indecisive
Starting Weight: 233.2 lbs (-1.8)
Calorie Intake: 1370
Read: Yes
Exercise: Not Yet!
No Sugar: Yes

Day 2 was a little bit of a struggle. I felt really good about seeing a loss already. I had several moments of weakness. For example, one of the kids had left an open pouch of skittles on the kitchen counter. Without even taking a second thought I grabbed a skittle and begin to put it in my mouth. Just as it hit my tongue and I got a quick zing of sweetness I remembered I’m not eating sugar! It just so happens that my wife walked around the corner just as I pulled the skittle away. I threw the skittle in the garbage and she gave me a hard time because she thought I only stopped because I was caught. Little things like this will make a big difference. This is how you reprogram your brain. My brain is still trained to see food and eat it, whether or not I’m hungry. After 90 days I will have installed new software in my noggin. It may not be 100% stable as traces of my current software may still exist.

Leave me your best tip for re-wiring your brain to create healthy habits.

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