The Power of 90 Days

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How long does it take to change? In some cases, I think you can change in an instant. Some addicts have been able to kick habits cold turkey. I really do feel like it is possible to change any time you decide to. That is a pretty intense concept, but, the truth is this is very rare. Humans are creatures of habit.

I learned once that our brains are designed to be programmed to operate on auto-pilot whenever possible. Habits are essential our brain on autopilot so we can focus on other things or conserve energy. Some experts have found that it takes roughly 21 days to create a habit. If you do something every day for 21 days I don’t think it really becomes automatic but I do think it starts to get easier to do.

I think to make a real change it can take a lot longer. From my experience and observations, I think it takes at least 3 months to really change. I think 1-2 years is required for permanant change. Think of what you can accomplish with 90 days of focused and consistent effort. Lose 30-50 lbs? Increase strength, muscle tone, increase speed. How many books can you read in 90 days? What new skill could you learn?

The magic number of 90 days pops up often. Several popular workout systems are 90 day programs. On reddit there is a 90daygoals subreddit for weight loss. 12-13 weeks is also a common length for any challenge especially here on Thintopia.

So I decided that if I want to change anything I need to commit to 90 days. Honestly, it needs to be a lifetime commitment but first 90 days. I have a lot I want to change but I am willing to put in the effort. I want to get under 200 lbs. I want to prepare for a 1/2 marathon. I want to have several daily habits that I form and weekly habits. I want to be social and be a better friend. I want to perform random acts of kindness. I want to control my spending and internet usage. I want to get more done at work.

My plan to succeed is going to be accountability through this blog, journaling and closely tracking my progress. Follow along and watch the change happen. I plan to share EVERYTHING!

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