Week 1

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One week down and a lifetime to go. It was a slower start than I hoped for but I’m not going to dwell on my shortcomings. The fact of the matter is I made changes to my eating habits and exercised more than I have been doing and the results show it. I can’t expect to eat perfect and run a 5K every day. Baby steps.

Last week I started the journey weighing 234.8 lbs. Today I weigh 230 lbs!

This week I need to lose 5 lbs to make my goal. If I had to, I could do a long run on an empty stomach today and reach my goal but the point isn’t to trick the scale but to actually make changes. This mindset is hard to keep when participating in weight loss competitions. I hope thintopia users realize this and don’t rely 100% on the competition to lose weight. Competitions are a great way to find motivation and support and whether or not you win the competition as long as you make positive changes to your diet and fitness you win!!

I started this week thinking I would cut sugar and white carbs from my diet for the rest of the month. The problem with doing something like this is that it is temporary. I have no intention of giving up sugar for the rest of my life. The smarter thing to do is to decide how much and when sugar will fit into my diet and stick to it. I also believe it is important to learn to be picky with the sweets and junk food we eat. I have a theory that skinny people tend to be food snobs. If they’re going to eat ice cream they go for Ben & Jerry’s not the gallon discount tubs of generic store brand ice cream. Fat people are cheap and tend to consume more high-fructose corn-syrup. I’m one of the cheapest people I know.

If you’re only going to bake chocolate chip cookies every other month or on special occasions then go ahead and get the premium ghiradelly’s chocolate chips and use pastry flour and real butter. Enjoy life! find balance.

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