What is Thintopia.com?

Thintopia.com is an online community with the purpose of helping each member reach his/her weight loss goals. We are dedicated to providing services the community needs to motivate, inspire and educate each other. The main service we provide is free weight loss competitions. Losing weight is difficult. The challenge is replacing unhealthy habits with proper diet and exercise. Thintopia.com provides an online support group where you can help those you care about reach their goals. We also hope you make new friends here as you share your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Competition

A weight loss competition is a fun way to motivate yourself to lose weight. Weight loss competitions became popular since the success of the NBC reality show Biggest Loser. At thintopia.com you can start your own weight loss competition with friends, family and coworkers. There is nothing like competition to give you that extra drive and motivation to eat right and exercise.

Best of all, your actual weight will remain hidden. Most weight loss competitions on the site are based on percentage loss from starting weight.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!